How to Get the Best out of Your Marketing Team

There are high chances your sales team is currently focused on making functional changes to achieve high growth rates and revenue. This can include hitting new quotas, expanding to new territories, adding new products, and having different compensation plans. One key thing that also needs to be added is adding a level of cooperation between the sales team and marketing. Today, modern salespeople are not doing their duties in a vacuum. To reach new levels of success, they require some help from marketing. Today, successful companies know the importance of marketing to help sales move to the next level. We are living in a period where many industries are hyper-competitive, and buyers have more options than ever to make their purchasing decisions.


There are a couple of ways sales teams can align what they do with help of marketing teams. Here are some ways to go about it.

Figure out what’s needed to reach new goals

The first step in aligning sales and marketing is to figure out what is needed to achieve success. It is very important to have a good understanding of both your personal and team expectations so that you can get things aligned. You can make use of reverse funnel analysis to determine exactly what is needed to meet and exceed set goals. Figure out the number of proposals required to be sent to close sales numbers. Understand the number of opportunities required to be created. What about conversations? How many of them need to be started to get the required sales numbers?


Set records straight with marketing leaders

You can find an org chart or ask your sales leader to walk you through who does what on the marketing team. If you can identify key contacts, ask for time to meet and discuss key plans. Ask about key issues such as the background of the marketing team, how the team is aligned and works to meet their goals, what are their motivations, projections among others. A good opening conversation can go a long way towards showing your intention to work and ensure teams meet their goals. It will also give you a good idea of how marketing teams are performing, and what needs to be adjusted to meet required goals. Additionally, you can go ahead and create a service level agreement between sales and marketing.


Review basic assumptions

When introducing a new business process that involves marketing, ensure there is an agreement on the basic foundation of the new process before you can make any implementations. There are a couple of assumptions you can make. You will need to create an ideal customer profile on who your company is selling to and why. You will need to come up with buyer personas which are generally fictional depictions of your ideal customer. Ask the marketing teams which buyer personas they are targeting to ensure you align the whole process. Review your sales process and pipeline stages so that you can understand customer experience and what fits the whole process.


Additionally, you must make data-driven requests. The process of identifying timely data is becoming a huge advantage. You need to provide your marketing team with visibility of data and create the synergy required for exceptional performance.


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