A Simple Guide to Inbound Marketing Strategy

When you set a new business, there are a lot of ways and strategies you can put in place to ensure you are discovered. One of these strategies include coming up with an inbound marketing strategy. The first step to creating an inbound marketing strategy is by defining your business goals. This will be based on where you are and where you want to go, and it is very important for you to create a road map that defines how you will get there. Along this road map, you can define your KPIs that tell you of your performance as far as inbound marketing is concerned. You can look at your competitors, your industry market as well as your performance in the market, so as to come with goals that are realistic and attainable.

Discovery Stage

During the discovery stage, you will be setting direction for your goals. You will need to conduct a meeting with your team to identify your ideal customers and the best ways to reach them. In the meeting, be sure to discuss your key metrics, revenue goal as well as the sales process that best fits your customers. You also need to create a buyer persona. A deeper understanding of your audience will provide you with direction for the content you need to create and keep your customers coming back for more.  You need to create a research-based representation of who your buyers are and what they want to accomplish, the pain points they want covered and how they reach their buying decisions. It is important to carry out industry research which is an understanding of your competitors and what other companies are doing in your industry.

Getting Found

You must craft a way in which others will discover your business. Start with keyword research. Once you get an understanding of your audience, it is important to find out how people are searching for your content through keyword research. This will allow you to see the estimated global and local research volume, any ranking difficulties and come up with a budget for your campaigns Through this research you will be able to decipher which terms and phrases you need to target so as to attract the right audience to your website.  You must do a good job as far as Onsight SEO is concerned. This includes all the factors on a website page that influences search engine rankings. Get all keywords right and have every page optimized for search.

Content Creation

You must come up with an editorial calendar on how content with be published. Before you can begin your blogging campaign, come up with an editorial calendar to ensure you are publishing and promoting content on a regular basis. An editorial calendar as it makes it easy to schedule content, capitalize on upcoming product or service launches and be more organized in terms of content creation. You will need to come up with a strategy in terms of blog writing and posting. Blogging defines the basis of bringing traffic to your website so that relevant visitors and take an action you want them to. The key is to create content around your buyer persona’s pain points and key industry topics.



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